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DX Clusters and Propagation

DX Cluster and Skimmer nodes I operate

I am currently running three Telnet DX Clusters in Tokyo.

  • JG1VGX-7 (CC Cluster)
  • JG1VGX-8 (AR-Cluster, V6)
  • JG1VGX-9 (DXSpider)
Refer to Telnet Cluster User's Guide page for more details.

Local Skimmer Server: JG1VGX-#

Located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo (PM95up).
Antenna: Clifton Laboratories Z1501D @ the porch in a condominium, 3mH, facing only to the south.
Receiver: QS1R.
Telnet Local Skimmer Access  telnet://
Telnet Aggregator Access  telnet://
(These telnet connections only provide my local skimmer spots. If you need more spots from the entire cluster of world skimmers, please connect to JG1VGX-7 or JG1VGX-8 node instead.)

Recent Solar and Geophysical Trends (monthly)

The red vertical line denotes the beginning of the recent month.


WWV A and K

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